Welcome to New Jersey Center of Dance!

We are a state of the art dance facility dedicated to the "Art of Dance". Please complete the following registration form. Credit cards are required for registration, if that is a problem, please contact the billing department at njcodbilling@gmail.com. Charges will be posted to your credit card, after your registration has been reviewed and discounts applied , if applicable. You will be notified by email within 24-48 hours of the charges.

Tuition & Registration Policy

Payments are made in 10 monthly payments or in full (discount applies) at time of registration. 

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month (Sept-May).  June is collected upon registration.

Registration/Insurance Fee: $35.00 per family.

Drop-in-Rate: $20.00

Auto credit card payments are only accepted, unless discussed otherwise.  

Credit Cards: Mastercard – Visa – Discover

Even though we permit monthly tuition payments and our families pay by the month, your tuition rates are based on a yearly (10 month, 35 week) tuition scale, which includes NJCOD being closed certain holidays of the year. 

The above breakdown of class tuition rates is for your information only - NJCOD does not allow pro-rating of classes for absences or holidays.  We do not offer make-ups for holidays since your annual rate does not include holidays. 

NJCOD will follow, in most cases, the Old Bridge and Monroe school calendar.  Regardless of the length of the month, tuition remains the same. 

If a Pre-School dancer is not ready to participate in a class after a 4 week trial period you will be released from your contract.  June tuition will not be refunded which is equal to 4 weeks of class. No additional tuition will be charged to your account.  Registration fee is Non-refundable.


Late Fees:

  • A $25.00 late fee will be charged for payments received after the 15th of the month.

  • All declined Credit Cards will incur a $35.00 charge for reprocessing with a 48 hour grace period to update your Credit Card info beginning on the 1st of the month.

  • A fee of $35.00 will be charged for all returned checks.


NJCOD will not send out statements unless payment is late.  You can check your account online at anytime.



Please go to our website – NJCODance.com for Holiday closings.

Withdrawing  From A Class

NJCOD has a strict “no refund” policy, but you may withdraw from a class at anytime forfeiting all payments already made, including registration and costume fees. 

Note: If you withdraw, you will receive your costume (if paid in full) and only if ALL original tuition and fees have been paid. 

When withdrawing please email: NJCODbilling@gmail.com

Please note: Classes and schedule are subject to change and may be cancelled depending on enrollment.

Attendance and Make-Up Policy

Regular attendance is crucial to the continued development of the student. 

Please Note: NJCOD has a “no refund” policy for missed classes.  Classes missed for any reason may be made-up within 30 days in another class.  Please inquire at the front desk as to the class, day and time for your dancer’s make-up.

Inclement Weather Policy

As a general rule, we follow the decisions of the Old Bridge and Monroe Board of Education when it comes to weather cancellations.  If the public schools are closed or dismissed  early, we will be closed.  If there is a delayed opening we will be open.  On occasion we must overrule the school system if conditions near the studio are unsafe. 


Notifications will be sent by email and can be found on our website and Facebook.

Annual Production and Costume Policy

We hold an Annual Production each year.  Each dance number a student is in will require a costume.  Participation in the Annual Production is mandatory, except for designated non-performance classes.  Attendance at Dress Rehearsal is also mandatory.


A production fee of $35 per student will be charged on our Costume Order Form and will include a Performance T-Shirt to be worn in our show Finale.


If applicable parents are responsible to purchase required footwear to go with the costume.


NJCOD is not responsible for alterations to a dancer’s costume or for minor defects caused by the costume company.



Child Small – Child Medium: $90.00

Child Large – Adult: $110.00



All family members and guests will need a ticket for the show including children over the age of 4. 

Show tickets will be sold prior to the performance date TBA.

All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.



Dancer’s Code of Conduct

  • For your safety there is NO gum chewing in class.

  • Appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times. No street shoes are permitted in the rooms.

  • Cell phones and electronic devices are not permitted in class.

  • Water bottles are only permitted in the dance rooms.

  • Please support and respect your fellow dancers and instructors so NJCOD can continue to be a fun, friendly and family atmosphere.


Parents Code of Conduct

  • I will provide NJCOD with current telephone numbers, emails and emergency contact information.

  • I will view the NJCOD website, check emails, my child’s dance bag and ask any questions regarding NJCOD news and updates.

  • I will trust that the staff and teachers at NJCOD have my dancer’s best interest in mind when it comes to their dance education.

  • I will take responsibility for all fees, tuition and costume payment deadlines throughout the year.

  • I will respect the NJCOD facilities as if it were my own home and I will not allow my dancer’s siblings to disrupt classes in session, staff working and/or vandalize the buildings.

  • I will alert NJCOD if there are any significant changes in my dancer’s health, or well being that may affect his/her ability to attend class or perform.

  • I understand I am not permitted to interrupt teachers before, during or after classes.  Any issues should be brought to the front desk who will inform the instructor and/or director.

  • NJCOD reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply with the above.



Social Media Policy

Please respect the NJCOD brand on all forms of social media.  Do not publish any content that would be damaging to the company, staff, teachers and students. Disparaging comments can result in dismissal of your dancer(s).

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